The Magyar Foundation is proud to announce that, in collaboration with the Hungarian Cultural Centre in New York, the 2017-2018 Hungary Emerging exhibition was featured at the Lincoln Center on the opening night of the historic residency of the Hungarian State Opera and the Hungarian National Ballet on October 30 and will be on display through November 11.

Featuring Hungary Emerging at the opening night of the residency of two of Hungary’s most prominent cultural beacons is a momentous occasion that provides American audiences with a unique glimpse into the depth of Hungarian artistic, musical, and cultural talent.

For any foreign arts or musical companies to take residency at the Lincoln Center represents a rare and special occasion,” says Craig Engle, Board Member of the Magyar Foundation. He continued, “So the residency of both the Hungarian State Opera and the Hungarian National Ballet at the Lincoln Center demonstrates the incredible mutual respect of the arts and culture shared between our two countries.

As a jury member and supporter of Hungary Emerging, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to display works by 10 Hungarian artists selected in the program. The Lincoln Center is a highly prestigious location, and we believe strongly in the synergies between performing and visual arts: it’s an excellent combination. I truly believe that the selection of works displayed here will meet the sophisticated taste of the New York audience, as the exhibited artists were selected by a jury dominated by prominent and relevant figures of the New York art community.” – added Attila Ledényi, Founding Director of Art Market Budapest, Central and Eastern Europe’s leading international art fair.

The next, and final, stop in the U.S. exhibition for 2017-2018 Hungary Emerging exhibition will be at the Red Dot Miami Art Festival in December.