Honoring Lajos Kossuth

Father of Hungarian Democracy

September 19, 1802 – March 20, 1894
Bronze bust, U.S. Capitol04-14-14-Kossuth

In January of 1852, Lajos Kossuth stepped up to the podium to address the United States Congress, only the second foreign dignitary in the history of the young republic to do so. Before America’s esteemed leaders, the Hungarian (Magyar) journalist, freedom fighter, minority rights pioneer, political prisoner and exiled kossuth bway (1)regent-president declared his fierce, unfaltering faith in the power of democratic ideals. While in the United States, he also had a historic meeting with Illinois attorney Abraham Lincoln about shared beliefs that would ultimately be expressed a decade later at Gettysburg.

“The Spirit of our age is Democracy. All for the people and all by the people.
Nothing about the people without the people.”
Lajos Kossuth