normal_79jmwr6a4vof28l1qc06x3bhlWhile ethnic Hungarians now call all parts of the world home, North America is home to millions of people of Magyar descent – the largest of any region outside of Hungary.

North America has seen a steady stream of immigrants from Hungary since the mid-1800s with periodic waves of increased immigration due to political, social, and military events in Central Europe.

Following the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, people of Magyar descent came to North America seeking new opportunities and democracy.

Nearly 100 years later, North America saw another spike of Hungarians escaping the horrors that World War II unleashed throughout Europe. Just a decade later, following the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, North America welcomed hundreds of thousands of Hungarians who, like their predecessors, sought the opportunities that North American democracies had to offer.

While the events that brought many Hungarians to North America were trying and difficult, the resulting contributions Hungarians have made to American society have helped make our nation stronger and more vibrant.

The Magyar Foundation of North America is proud to honor that history, celebrate those achievements, and help ensure that the special connection we share continues to make the world a better place.